MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue

Monday, July 30, 2007

Greeting our Fans

Hi Puppies, we have been busy with meet & greets lately. We have to get out there to show people how adorable we are and let them all know about Hike & Howl in September. First we went to a Celtic festival with a bunch of other rescue groups. On the left is a MaPaw success story named Maia, although we all knew her as Cookie Monster, the first dog to pull my papa on skates. On the right is Rex, who could stay only a short while because he is recovering from heartworm disease. It makes me sad to think none of my friends would have to go through the difficult recovery if only their people would give them a special medicinal treat once a month. Although Maia and Rex stayed for just a while, little Rocky was there for the entire event and he was exhausted. It was hard work being so cute and letting lots of people fawn over him.

Our next event was at a Pet Valu that is close to Norristown Farm Park so we could advertise the Hike & Howl to people who live near the park. Precious and Blue were not concentrating on advertising, though, they were too busy wrestling.
Misty claimed the fire lane as her personal space and allowed people the honor of petting her. We also got a visit from Skunk, one of Jenna's puppies who MaPaw raised during the winter. I would never guess she is half Siberian if I did not know her mama.

Blue and Precious just could not get enough of each other. We talked to a lot of people and Maximus met someone who was very interested in him. Maybe they will be the family who stays with him.

Blue and Precious just kept wrestling like there was no one else in the world. Silly young pups.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Codey's New Home

Well Puppies, after several weeks of work, Codey made a lot of progress in learning to be less spoiled and in listening to the humans. Of course he is a very sweet, fun-loving Husky and we were able to enjoy him more and more as he got into less trouble. So, about a week ago Codey went to his new family!

His new people arranged two playdates between Codey and their senior Sibe, Lobo, to make sure the two dogs would get along with each other. They were looking for a younger dog who could bring out Lobo's puppyish playfulness without being too rough on him since he is an old man. Lobo showed Codey around the house and did not mind when Codey dug through the toy basket. He is about the most laid back Husky I have ever met. Also, he does not care much about toys, so it is no big deal when Codey hoards a bit. In return, Codey plays chase with Lobo in the big fenced yard and settles down nicely in the house when Lobo needs a break. They are a great match. Mama and Papa say they feel confident that Codey's new people will be able to continue his training since they have done such a wonderful job raising Lobo to be a sweet, lovable boy. We are so happy to see Codey go to a family who loves him for everything that he is while helping him reach his fullest potential.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Hike N Howl 2007

Okay Puppies, I am sorry I have not been around blog land as much lately. I have been very busy plotting an exciting event -

MaPaw has teamed up with Delaware Valley Siberian Husky Rescue and Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue to plan a hike as well as a slew of other activities that will support northern breed rescue. You may have already read about this event from other blogging dogs who are participating. You can help all of us by sponsoring any one of us. Since I am going to hike for all my homeless Husky friends, I began training last weekend. Here we are approaching the start line from the parking area. It is horribly hot here, so we all wore icy bandanas to keep us cool. Next to the parking area there is a big field with plenty of space for vendors of cool dog products, lots of other dog rescues, and awesome demonstrations like sled pulling and fur spinning. Can you imagine yarn made of spun Magnum fur? Maybe I could crochet a sweater for Maximus until his fur returns. Anyway, the trail had a lot of interesting things to sniff. Mama and Papa seemed to enjoy looking at all the old buildings. I sniffed under the doors of some of them. Also, we saw squirrels, rabbits, birds, and deer, none of which we could chase for some reason. Here I am marking the trail so the hikers will be able to find their way. I am so helpful. So, if you check the sidebar under MaPaw's profile, you will see a button you can use to support me. Just below that button is a logo link to the hike's website where you can find more information all about the activities planned for September 1st. As we approach the big day, that website will keep you all updated on the events schedule, the cool gear, and the companies supporting our efforts. By the way, there are some really awesome designs for shirts and other gear, so you should definitely check out the store. Even if you cannot make it to the hike, you can be there in spirit with your cool t-shirt. If you can make it that day, here is a sample of the cool sights you will see while helping homeless dogs.

Well, if walking here is this exciting on a regular day, imagine how fun it will be when the park is filled with Siberians and other rescued puppies. The park even has a water fountain just for us puppies!So come join me in Norristown Farm Park on September 1st and do not forget to sponsor me in my effort to help Siberians in need.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Hi Puppies! Dawkin here! I am still hanging out at my recovery home even though I feel great. My foster parents here are super nice and they've been taking good care of me. They set up a temporary dog run for me so I couldn't go bounding across the yard. I miss running, but at least I have enough space to enjoy the fresh air, sniff the grass, and lie down in the shade.

I also have my own entrance into my private clubhouse. They have other dogs living here that I can hear and smell, but I am not supposed to play with them while I'm recovering, so I have my own space.

Puppies, you would never believe who I spotted from my run. Jasper! Look at him running around the yard while I'm stuck in this pen. Clearly he's recovered from his heartworm treatment. I suppose he's out there having a good time with his brothers. I can't wait to be done with all this recovering.I'll let you know when I'm finally done and can return to Magnum's house to run and play again. I bet I can really pounce on everyone there now that I will be able to see them.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Random Facts

Okay, I am a little late with this response, but Indy tagged me to name 7 random facts about myself. I was going to make a list of every fact about me and then use a random numbers table to assist me in picking 7 random facts, but I soon realized a list of facts about me, or about anyone for that matter, would be infinite. Also, there are many facts about me that I do not know, such as the diameter of my liver or the date of my birth. Then Mama explained that Indy really just wanted to know 7 interesting facts not necessarily related to each other except for being about me. Well, that is a whole different project. I put away the random numbers table and tried to think of 7 things you do not already know, which was a pretty difficult task as well.

1. I do not play with toys. The brief moments I play with my siblings are few and far between. I just have no interest in toys. I will fight to the death for a tube of cardboard, although no one has actually required a fight to the death to let me have my cardboard tube.

2. I sunbathe. Do not get me wrong, I like cold weather as much as the next Nordic dog, but I also like to sleep in the afternoon sunlight. I will lie in the sunny yard until Mama chases me back in the house or until I am panting heavily. Then I will go cool off in the air conditioning.

3. I sleep next to my brother, Bailey. I have a bed made of folded blankets that Mama and Papa originally put in my own space, but I wanted to be right next to Bailey, so they moved my bed. I like it if he rests a paw or two on me so I know he is keeping me safe.

4. I lick my paws. There is a thin spot on each of my fore paws where I have licked until the fur stopped growing back. It is just a nervous habit like humans biting their finger nails. The vet said she sees that habit often with rescue dogs. She is not concerned as long as my skin remains healthy.

5. I am afraid of shiny floors. I do not remember ever having an accident on a shiny floor, but I am not the most graceful Sibe so they make me nervous. I have to be very careful when I cross the bit of shiny floor between the kitchen tile and livingroom rug.

6. I have a high prey drive. I know many of you have mentioned chasing birds or bunnies. One time I mistook my 30 lb. cousin for a groundhog and shook her. She was not hurt except for two punctures, but I am not allowed to play with her any more. Mama and Papa say there is a 40 lb. minimum weight for any animal coming into our house.

7. I love to cuddle. Sometimes Mama and I cuddle on the couch for a nap. Sometimes Maximus cuddles with me for my afternoon sunbathing. Even Bailey does not fuss if I cuddle up a bit during a night time thunderstorm. I am not fast or graceful and I do not play, but boy can I cuddle.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Chena at Home

Hi Puppies, remember Chena? She was the frightened Alaskan Husky who lived with us in December before finding a forever home with another Alaskan Husky, Kenai. Chena's new Mama and Papa recently e-mailed us to let us know she is still doing well. As you can see, Chena and Kenai are a perfect fit. Who would have imagined two Husky mixes from Alaska would find each other in Maryland? We are overjoyed that our timid, little Chena found a brother to play chase with her and keep her safe. Thank you, Kenai. Also, thank you Chena's adoptive Mama and Papa for giving our girl the warm, loving home she deserves. We are grateful to all people who open their homes to rescue dogs, whether those dogs come from MaPaw, another rescue, a shelter, or a cornfield. Most of us are no longer adorable puppies and we certainly are not perfect dogs, but we deserve the love of families all our own. Thank you to everyone who has shown the patience and commitment to build a home with a homeless dog.