MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ebay Auction Now in Progress...

Hello Puppers ~

Just wanted to remind you that the Ebay auction is now in full swing. The bidding on some items has already closed, but there are plenty of things still available.

A sampling of what's available:

Longaberger Bayberry Basket

Wood Carving of a Siberian Husky

Hand-made Wolf Wood-burned Wall Hanging

The Complete Peter Rabbit Library (23 Hardcover books)

A Custom 9" x 11" Watercolor Portrait of Your Dog (done from a photo)

And there's so much more! Check out the auction HERE!!!

Happy shopping Puppers!

~ Chloe

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Meet MaPaw's Newest Pups...

Good evening Puppers ~

In the past few days we've had 3 pups join MaPaw!

First to join us was Miss Montana. This pretty gal is 13 years old, but you'd never be able to tell when you meet her. Montana's mom had to move and unfortunately couldn't take her along. When family could no longer care for Montana, her mom turned to MaPaw for assistance. Her foster Mum couldn't wait to pick her up! Montana had spent most of her 13 years outside, but she is responding quickly to housetraining.

Second pup was Logan. Logan had been found wandering the streets. An all breed rescue took him in, but knew that he had a better chance of being placed in a Sibe savvy home with Husky rescue. He joined his foster home on Monday night and has been playing ever since! The Husky smile you see in his pic is a permanent fixture on his handsome face ~ he is such a happy guy!

Our final recent addition is Neko. He somehow lost his family, but found his way to us. His foster home picked him up yesterday afternoon and from what we've seen so far ~ this boy is a goofball. Playful and entertaining ~ he's enjoying the company of his foster sibelings.

Welcome to the MaPaw family ~ Montana, Logan and Neko! If you would like to learn more about our new additions, please check our site for updates as we get to know them.

~ Chloe

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

4 More Find Their Furever Homes!!!

Good evening Puppers ~

It looks like I have some catching up to do...

Brandy was our featured dog of the month for January and needed a very special home to tend to her needs. We're not sure what happened to her before she came to MaPaw, but this 2 year old gal isn't good with other dogs and has anxiety issues when left alone. Brandy's dreams came true when she met Janice and Bob! Brandy's foster Mum was sad to see her go, but found great comfort knowing that she had found the perfect family. We know Brandy will do well and we look forward to updates!

Next to find their furever home was Duncan ~ the handsome redhead. Duncan had been bounced around a little before making his way to MaPaw. It wasn't his fault ~ the people just weren't equipped to deal with a husky pup. Duncan quickly made himself comfortable in his foster home and was soon winning over everyone (and every Sibe) he met. When his furever family first saw him on MaPaw's site, they couldn't wait to meet him. When they finally met Duncan, they couldn't wait to take him home. A few days after meeting him, he was soon on his way to his furever home. Unfortunately, we don't have an adoption picture yet but we hope to get one soon!!

Skamp didn't have to go far to find his furever home...he was already there!!! His foster family decided that he was such a good fit that he should stay. After we met Skamp, we couldn't understand why he had been at a local shelter for so long. The shelter felt that his best chance for placement would be to get him into rescue where he could settle into a foster home and get daily exercise. Once he was out of the shelter, it was clear that Skamp is just one cool pup! He loves to play games of chase me with his new Sibeling and he's so good about giving the older guys their space. We are still waiting for his official adoption picture ~ but here's a photo of the handsome fella for now...

This weekend, Ranger found his furever home. This young man had been found as a stray and found himself in the local shelter. When his foster Mum first met him, she was greeted with lots of tail wags and Husky kisses. This happy guy is everyone's friend and is always ready for a run or a round of play (Husky style of course). Ranger's foster Mum misses him, but she knows that he's part of a great family. Maybe he'll be able to talk them into a Sibeling (ha ha)...

Congrats to Brandy, Duncan, Skamp and Ranger ~ good luck to all of you and your new families! We look forward to many updates (and pictures)...

~ Chloe

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ebay Auction has Officially Begun...

Hello Puppers ~

MaPaw is auctioning some items on Ebay to help us raise some much needed funds. In the past few months, we have had the pleasure of helping out some really great dogs. Unfortunately, that means we have some pretty extensive medical bills...

The first item has been posted ~ you can check it out here. There will be plenty more to come in the next few days...

If you'd like to help out and have some things to donate for the auction, please contact us.

Happy shopping!!!

~ Chloe

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

New Gal on the Block...

Hello Puppers ~

Check out MaPaw's newest addition...

This sassy young lady is Duchess! Here's another photo of her right side up ~

Duchess had been adopted and returned to the shelter 4 times ~ you read that right ~ 4 TIMES!!! Why? For being a typical Husky youngster ~ she was too hyper! The shelter felt she would have a better chance of finding her furever home if she joined MaPaw and we agreed so we got her out of that shelter and into a foster home as quickly as we could.

It took Duchess a minute to introduce herself to her new foster siblings before a game of "Chase Me" started. After a good hour of running about in the yard, Duchess was finally ready to jump up on the sofa and take a nap.

Her foster Mum says that she is a real sweetheart!

We don't yet have her on the MaPaw site, but she should be up soon. So be sure to check back!!

BTW ~ many of us on the East Coast are getting hit with another snowstorm. I can't wait to run around in the fresh stuff tomorrow!!

~ Chloe

Friday, February 05, 2010

Goodbye to a Dear Friend...

It is never easy to say goodbye to a friend...

Many of you may know Flora from this photo:

Flora originally joined MaPaw almost 10 years ago when she had been found as a stray. Shockingly, her family had never come forward to take her home. It didn't take Flora long to make herself comfortable in her foster home and she quickly won over her foster sibelings (even Harley!!). With her awesome fun-loving personality, we knew it wouldn't take long for Miss Flora to find her furever home and we were right...Her foster family decided that she was already at home and formally adopted her.

A few months ago, Flora wasn't feeling quite like herself. Several trips to the Doctor yielded no answers, so Flora's Mum chose to take her to University of Penn. After several days there, Flora's family got the news that nobody wanted to hear ~ there was nothing they could do, but take her home and spoil her. And that's exactly what they've done.

On Wednesday, Flora did Husky zoomies around the yard in the little bit of snow covering the ground. For dinner, she had one of her favorites ~ bologna!!

Yesterday, Miss Flora was clearly tired and was ready for her final journey North of the Rainbow Bridge. Her family is so very sad and they miss her terribly. Please keep them in your thoughts.

~ Chloe