MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Thank Woo!

One of my blogger friends, Turbo, recently posted about a Husky logo in his area, so I thought I should mention my favorite logo from Dieruff High School in Allentown. Here is the picture on their library page, which highlights our playfulness.

Here is another picture of one of their real live mascots.

Kiska IV is the current mascot. Here she is visiting with some of the students.

These awesome students don't come from rich backgrounds or lives of privelage, but they raise money for MaPaw every year to help rescue more Huskies like Kiska. Thank Woo Kids!, It means the world to us!

Thursday, October 26, 2006


That's who I am and that's how I feel! I used to live with a nice family and a Labby brother, but I escaped the house and caught what I thought was a squirrel. Oops. That "squirrel" turned out to be a neighbor's dog, who recovered from the accident. It was an honest mistake, but the "squirrel's" owner wanted to kill me, so I had to make an escape.

MaPaw saved me, but they didn't have any foster space open where I could stay. They said something about a movie with Huskies in it coming out about a year ago and making lots of people want cute puppies who then grew to be big, energetic, and too much trouble for those people. It sounds to me like those people didn't plan ahead very well. I'm six-years-old and still very energetic. I love to give hugs and kisses and more kisses.

Anyway, I had to stay in a kennel for two months. It was the only way to save my life, but I hated it. I got very stressed by all the other dogs there barking and howling. I had a small indoor space and a small outdoor space that didn't allow enough room to get the zoomies and didn't have a soft place to nap. I couldn't play with the other dogs and got frustrated when another dog was outside my run. Some nice MaPaw people stopped by to take me for walks, but it wasn't enough. I needed to get out of there.

Well, here's the part where I start to feel lucky. The MaPaw people who took me for walks showed up last weekend and took me for a car ride. I tried to jump in their car every time we went for walks, but that was the first time they actually took me for a ride. Boy do I love car rides! We stopped someplace new where the man took me for little walks while the lady kept going in and out of a house getting other dogs for walks. I walked with a Rottweiler who I had met once already, a Newfoundland, and another Siberian Husky. I didn't understand what was going on, but I was happy to be away from the kennel so I gave the people kisses and hugs.

After these introductions, the people let me into their yard and house. There was a lot more space than in my run. There was dirt that I could dig and grass that I could scruff. There were plenty of soft places to nap. It was a wonderland! Best of all, I made fast friends with the Rottie, Bailey, and he is my new constant playmate. We share the loveseat. We share his bed. The lady says Bailey is "tolerant." That must mean super excited because that's how I feel!

Bailey is only a year older than I am, but he gets tired much more quickly. He says I will not stay in this home with him forever. I will find a new home with more nice people. I hope they have a doggie friend for me who is as energetic as I am. We could play race down the stairs and jump off the furniture and body slam each other. I certainly am a lucky Lucky!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Kashmir's New Home

Kashmir was adopted Sunday morning. Kashmir went to a home in NJ with a five-year-old Sibe named Nikita and her dad. Nikita was thrilled to have visitors and she raced around the empty room that her dad has left free of furniture for better race and wrestle time. Kashmir immediately grabbed a treat she found in one of the treat and toy baskets and guarded it from Nikita, who was making no effort to take it, but did want to play. Nikita’s dad has plenty of Sibe experience to work with Kashmir on her guarding behavior and appreciate her puppy antics. When Kashmir’s old enough, she and Nikita will visit their local dog park regularly to make lots of new doggie friends. Kashmir’s new dad says he’d like to have four or five Sibes eventually. That will be quite a crew! We hope to hear from him when he’s looking again.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

East Norriton

Excuse me, puppies. Hello. I'm Shadow. Magnum said I had to post about this week's meet & greet since he stayed home. Magnum's mama and papa picked me up again to take me to the Pet Valu in East Norriton. They had their foster puppy, Kashmir, and we met up with Ace and Tigger once we got there.
I gave sweet, sad looks to a lot of people, hoping somebody would love me enough to take me home. I even got along nicely with Kashmir who was barking at everyone. I handed out brochures to many people and explained again and again what to expect from a Siberian Husky. People kept commenting on how mild-mannered I am, which is true. I'm pretty quiet compared to my Sibe friends and I'm very gentle. Here I'm asking politely for a treat.

In between talking to guests we had some good Husky play time. Here Ace, our newest addition, is on top Tigger. Star is watching from the background. Star is a MaPaw success story. She was adopted about five months ago and now her mom and dad are thinking of adopting a friend for her, so they came out to see who she would like.

Tigger says Star's dad is a keeper!

Kashmir was exhausted after a couple hours. She still drew a lot of attention just sleeping in a Husky ball. These meet & greets are hard work for such a small puppy.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Peddler's Village


Do not be afraid. It is just me, Magnum. I am wearing the devil horns I got at the Lahaska rescue fair on Sunday. It was a pretty day to have a fair and a lot of different rescue groups came out to show off all the nice puppies who were almost as handsome as I am. Look how the sign brings out the blue in my eyes.

Mama and Papa helped me pick up my friend, Shadow, and get to the fair. Shadow is still looking for her home, so I tried not to steal attention from her. I gave her a pep talk during the car ride and Papa brushed her fur and tied on her bandana after we set up the table.

Shadow met a lot of new people and other puppies. She is pretty quiet, but she knows how to shake paws. When people ask me to shake, I check their hand for treats and then stare blankly at them. That makes my Mama laugh.

For a little while, I had to man the table in case anyone wanted to buy something while Shadow was greeting people. I was more interested in sniffing the grass and trees behind the table, but MaPaw rescued me and helped me find Mama and Papa, so now I have to help other puppies find their new homes.

This little human wanted to introduce her Sibe to Shadow, but Shadow was more interested in giving kisses to the human. She was really putting on the charm.

Shadow and I were cute all day. We answered questions, handed out brochures, and accepted donations from a lot of people. I met a red and white Sibe who was wearing a pack like mine. That made me laugh.

Shadow and I were a big hit, especially after we bought the devil horns and showed off our silly sides. Mama and Papa were not the only ones who wanted to take pictures of us.

I think the people at Peddler’s Village provided a snack bar, but Mama said I was not allowed to eat any of it. Mama says No a lot. I was very hungry because I was working so hard on being cute and fuzzy.

High five, Shadow! We did a hard day’s work for two working dogs. Shadow even got someone who asked a lot of questions and seemed very interested. Maybe she’ll get an application, but we’ll have to wait and see.

For now, I’m going home to sleep on the couch because I am very tired. Maybe I’ll see some of you at the next rescue fair.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Kashmir the Huntress

I came into MaPaw a couple weeks ago and haven't been feeling very well, but they've taken good care of me here and now I'm becoming the energy ball most Sibes are. Tonight I played a great pretend game. I pretended to be a wolf while my foster sister the Newfoundland pretended to be a bear. My foster mom pretended to be a wildlife photo journalist. I came up with this game after I drug every toy out of the toy basket and scattered them all over the floor. My foster mom says she needs to keep me busy, but I don't know what she means because I can keep myself busy digging holes and chewing socks. Here are the wildlife action photos. Wednesday, October 11, 2006

You can see the Newfoundland never stood a chance against me even though she's eight times my size. Imagine what I'll be able to do when I'm fifty pounds instead of just seventeen!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Meeko Finds his Home

The nice girl I met last weekend adopted me! I went to a park with my foster parents today to meet the girl and her mom again. They brought my new sister, Emma, who my foster parents called a Bichon Frise. Emma was a little frightened of me, so I let her know I was friendly by pawing at her head. Then I gave my new girl big hugs and bounced around. My foster parents took me back to their house to get my toys and other stuff and say goodbye to my foster siblings who have been so nice to me. Then we were off to my new house. I wandered all around the house, which is much bigger than my foster house, and even checked out the yard. Emma pouted on top the couch because she was a little concerned that I would take attention away from her, but she’ll warm up to me because I am so sweet and handsome. Who wouldn’t love me? I'm going to get to take walks with my new family and long car rides with my new girl while she travels. I’m really happy that I finally found a family who will keep me and I want to thank everyone who helped me get here. I hope every dog can be this lucky.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Hello, my name’s Meeko and I’m a two-year-old Rott-n-Sibe. That means I’m half Siberian Husky and half Rottweiler. I came to live in my foster home a few weeks ago and I really like my foster parents and canine siblings. Last weekend my foster parents took me to a pet rescue fair in Lansdale where I sat and shook paws with a lot of nice people. I played with a few other Siberian Huskies, a Keeshond, and a Rottweiler. I even met a Mastiff. Whoa, he was big! He was elderly and didn’t want to play, so I was respectful. Later a Cocker Spaniel snapped at me, which I thought was terribly rude, so I left to go hang out with the Huskies again. In the afternoon my foster dad entered me in a competition called The Mutt Strut. I won a box of pretty treats in a category called Happiest Ears. My foster mom said Most Strikingly Handsome wasn’t a category or I certainly would have won that. Then my foster dad and I showed off how well I know Heel, Sit, Down, Paw, and Come. He says I would do well in competitive obedience because I’m so smart and willing to work. In the afternoon I met a girl who spent a long time petting me while here mom talked to my foster dad. She was quiet and very nice so I hope she asks to adopt me like my foster dad said she might.

After a good night’s sleep my foster parents took me and my three foster siblings to visit a friend of theirs who has three Siberian Huskies of his own. We played in their yard for a while and then in their basement. Their friend had something called a spiral staircase that two of my foster siblings had trouble maneuvering, but I liked running up, barking at the top for everyone else to follow, and then running back down. I like inventing games like that to keep everyone entertained. What a great weekend! I wish I could play that much everyday.

Puppies Update

>From the puppies caregiver and foster mom...

October 1, 2006

Kashmir & Sauki are still fighting this horrible illness. The yuck stuff that was coming out of the noses is starting to slow down. They both still have a very bad cough and shortness of breath. They are sleeping more. We are keeping a very close eye on them and doing everything we can to make them comfortable. They are still on medications. I am pushing the water to keep the girls hydrated. I have tons of newspapers and I change the crate several times a day & after nap times. I clean everything with bleach and water. The girls like to spend alot of time in the kitchen playing or sleeping on the floor.

Even though the girls are so sick, we have had the pleasure of seeing the different personalities emerging from them both.

Sauki is 17 lbs. and is still growing. Her coat is short and thin, but is filling in nicely with feeding her quality food. Sauki loves to play with tennis balls, soccer balls, bugs, squeaky toys, Kong bone,sticks and any shoe she can find. We put the shoes away or she will run off with them any chance she gets. She is a spunky girl and loves to be near you and will climb up on your lap to be held and give you kisses. As her personality emerges she will talk to you occasionally. She loves to play with you and likes to play fetch with tennis balls, sticks, etc. But
can easily be distracted by a blowing leaf or a bug. On the warmer days she likes to lay in the sun under a tree watching the cars go.

Kashmir has a beautiful full coat of fur that is thick like typical husky fur. Kashmir is a petite little girl(only 15 lbs. and still growing) who absolutely loves to tell you what she thinks. If you ask her something she will usually answer you back. If you are not paying enough attention to her she will scold you to get your attention. She moves her head and body as she talks to you. She has discovered that playing with bugs, like her sister is fun. She loves sticks, bugs, soccer balls, squeaky toys, Kong bone and anything she can put in her mouth. She will climb up on you to give kisses and to be held. She loves to lay under a tree and sneak attack her sister.

Both girls love belly rubs and to be snuggled and held. They know how to climb baby gates. They are master escape artist and learn very quickly and watch you when you are doing things. They are very intelligent and thinkers. These pups are highly motivated and we are introducing them how to sit, stay, no, leave it, walking on a leash and they are doing very well. We use these basic commands during our usual daily routine with the pups. Feeding time, going out for potty breaks, sitting for treats, sit/stay for food, sitting for medications. Short walks out of the car into the vets on a leash. They ride well in the car for short periods at this time.

They both are typical fun loving pups who just love to be with you and having a great adventure and discovering anything they can. I strongly recommend that when they are adopted that they go to a house that has a tall strong fence and constant supervision while they are outside. Since they like to climb and may escape if left unattended, even for a short period of time. We have them under constant supervision since they are so smart and never leave them unattended in the fenced in yard.

Even though these girls have been so sick they have been a pleasure to be with. We will miss them when they go.