MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue

Monday, April 30, 2007

Getting Together

Hi Puppies! Do you know the best thing about spring time? Meet & greets, of course! Last weekend we went to the rescue fair at Lansdale Feed and Pet Supply, our local feed store and big time rescue supporter.
Codey was cute, sweet, and on his best behavior.Codey Misty enjoyed rolling in the cool grass.
MistyDiamond was a social butterfly, trying to play with everyone she met.
DiamondRocky and Buck are seasoned pros at these events, so they enjoyed free samples from the nice lady at Merrick.
Rocky&BuckDawkin wore a personalized bandana so people would remember his name.
DawkinAngel is so talented, she can earn donations in her sleep.
Everyone had a great time spending the day outside socializing and getting muddy.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Welcoming Codey

Hi Puppies, did you notice my foreshadowing in the third photo from the previous post? Mama and Papa went and got another Husky. That is what we do. Codey is a 22-month-old who just joined us this past weekend. Codey's parents decided to give him up for reasons that are not really clear to us. He is a normal, healthy Sibe with plenty of energy and a desire to play.
This is his "I am thinking of getting into trouble" face. Codey had never been socialized with other dogs. He was living with four cats (imagine the horror!) in his previous home, so when he met us (ten times the size of the average cat) he said, "WHOA, big kitties!" and was rather frightened. Of course we were polite and he is getting used to us now.

He is also getting used to humans who do not permit him to do whatever he wants. Mama and Papa give us plenty of love, food, attention, and toys, but they do not spoil us. Codey has been spoiled, so now he has to learn some manners and respect for his humans. Do not worry, Puppies, Codey is a smart, young pup who will have no problem picking up on the fact that he will get treats and toys just for following some simple requests like sit and come. Since he is also sweet and bright-eyed, he will have no problem finding a family to take care of him.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rickee Revisited

Hello Puppies. Before I begin today's post, I would like to say another big big THANK WOO to everyone for supporting us while we help all our special Siberians. We are thrilled to be able to help these Sibes return to good health and find new families who will take better care of them.

On to the news of the week. Do you remember last fall, in the early days of our blog, reading what my papa wrote about the happy tail of Rickee? Well, Rickee is one lucky pup to have a family that adores him and takes such good care of him, but this week they went on vacation, which means we get to hang out with Rickee!
After adopting Rickee, the new family saw how much Rickee drank and peed. Although they knew we had taken him to the vet a couple times with no solution, they took him to their vet and insisted there must be a medical reason. Their persistance paid off when, after many other tests, the vet tried a water deprivation trial and discovered Rickee has diabetes insipidus. Finally they were able to treat Rickee so he does not need to be so thirsty all the time.

Rickee's family has been giving him all the best senior care as well as daily trots around the neighborhood to help him continue to lose weight. He was 110 pounds when we first met him in August and now he is down to 85 pounds. Rickee loves being an only dog and getting all the attention from his people.
This week he has been enjoying naps in the sunshine while his family takes the little ones to see Mickey's house. We enjoy seeing how much Rickee has changed after just a few months of love and care. We love hearing from our MaPaw dogs after they have spent time in their new homes and gotten all the benefits of a loving family.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Help for Our Special Sibes

Puppies, MaPaw has taken on a few special needs dogs lately and we are feeling it.

You have been following the story of Jasper and his heartworm treatment. Recently he spent a night at the vet on oxygen just to make sure he was getting enough despite all his coughing. He is back at home and still resting.
Then there was Maximus, who had glaucoma. His right eye was sightless and painfully swollen. The vet says severe glaucoma feels like having a migraine 24/7. Obviously we needed to hurry to relieve him from that pain by removing the eye and starting him on preventative medicine to keep his left eye safe from the same fate.
Just this week we took in another dog named Dawkin who has the early stages of glaucoma and we are rushing to save his beautiful blue eyes so that he will not have to lose them.

There is good news among all these challenges.

Standing Stone Media and a "secret" sibe-loving friend have issued a challenge - They will match any donation for our special needs sibes dollar for dollar up to $3500.00!!!!!! Woo Woo!!!!

So now we need all the help we can get. Tell your humans to click the "Make a Donation" button in the sidebar or visit our website to read more and make a donation from there. We try not to beg too often, but right now we really need it and whatever donation you can manage will count double! MaPaw sends out a big THANK WOO to Standing Stone Media, our anonymous friend, and all of you, who I know will give what you can.

Friday, April 13, 2007

New Foster Dog, New Foster Home

Hi puppies, Magnum here again, finally. It has been pretty slow at my house lately, but yesterday MaPaw welcomed Diamond, a new foster dog looking for a home. Diamond is used to spending most of her time in a crate because her previous family did not make time for her, but they finally did right by Diamond when they turned her over to MaPaw. Here Diamond is so happy she is spinning for joy.

Mama picked up Diamond from the nice lady who contacted MaPaw for help. After a quick stop at the vet, Diamond was ready to go to her foster home. They picked up Papa and took a mini walk to give Diamond and Mama a break from the long car ride. There they got Diamond to sit still for about two seconds to get this picture.

Peanut is a friendly, low-key Samoyed who signed up her people to be foster parents for MaPaw a few weeks ago. Peanut has a brother named Hannibal who is a Himalayan, so we had to find a foster dog who would get along with everyone there. Peanut graciously welcomed Diamond into her home and showed her the wealth of toys and spacious back yard.
Diamond ran back and forth across the back yard, exploring her new space and sticking her nose in the recently formed puddles to blow bubbles. Then she went inside to play tug and get some belly rubs. Diamond is a social girl who will really blossom in a family where she is given the time and attention she needs.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Nap Time

While Jasper is snoring his way to good health, enjoy a celebration of sleeping Siberians.
Tela&Sissy Maximus

Monday, April 02, 2007

A Gift from the Army

Hi Puppies, Magnum here to say a big Thank Woo! Let me start from the beginning. The other day I went out to sniff and mark the yard as usual when I found this package that certainly is not usually there.
What does this return address say? It is from the Army of Four! How exciting!Mama helped me open it because I am not allowed to use knives. The first thing I found was cardboard, my favorite! I began chewing on it immediately. Mama wrestled it out of my mouth and told me it is a card. What good is a card(board) if I cannot eat it?Mama distracted me by pulling out this bag that said "Sniffies for Magnum" and had four tufts of fur each labeled with names from the Ao4. Cool! Mmmm! This one smelled like such a sweet, lovable, red-headed girl I could just eat it! So I did. Mama wrestled that out of my mouth as well.This is fun. What else is in here? Whoa, a big bag of collars and leashes! I can use these on my foster dogs.Maximus likes the purple ones.
This red one looks just like mine (with the tags) but a lot of them are limited slip collars, which are great for the troublesome Siberians who try to back out of the lead.

Thank Woo so much Ao4!