MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Meet Mr. Stryker

Hello Puppies! Boy, do I have some exciting news for you: Stryker is the newest member of the Mapaw Family! He came home (to Mark's) yesterday and is settling in pretty well. He was found as a stray and was at the SPCA in Conshohocken. Mapaw was called in and he passed evaluation with flying colors. He was a little shy with the bi-peds but plays with us pups quite well! (In fact, I think he likes us better.) I even got to boss him around a little (hehehe). He has taking a shining to Shadow...he thinks she's his girlfriend. Ewww.

He's warming up to playing with toys. Here he is playing with a soccer ball:

He's a handsome guy. A little skinny but Mark won't let him stay thin for long. :) Stryker is very tall. We think he may be mixed with some shephard (?) He's got very long legs and a long face too.

Stryker is starting to find his bark. He sounded a little hoarse at first: we asked him if he wanted a cough drop. He didn't.

He still needs to learn some manners but responds well to correction. We were surprised to see he even knew a few commands: sit, down & paw! We don't have much (any!) background on the guy but he must have been somebody's pup at one point. We think he's a year to year & a half old. Lots of puppy energy!

Here are some more pics of the new guy:

We'll have more info to share as Stryker settles in and becomes more comfortable with everyone.

Last pic:

See how well we all get along! :)

Happy Saturday, Pups!

- Sammy, Lauren & Mark

Monday, March 17, 2008

What a Weekend!

Hi Puppies! It's me - Sammy! I hope everydoggy had a good weekend. Did you make it to the Reading Pet Expo? My mom said it was a howling good time! (She's so silly) The Mapaw foster dogs got to get out and shmooze with the crowd. That's one thing huskies are good at: working the crowd. Lots of people stopped by to ask about the rescue and pet the pooches. Here are some pictures my mom took of the Mapaw booth:

Bandit is getting a treat from his foster mom. I think Meeko wants to help hand out treats.

Carrie, Meeko, Bernie & Bandit

That looks like fun... I wonder why I wasn't invited. Hmmm... I DID just pass my canine good citizens test (you're impressed, aren't you?) so I would have been happy to show off my good obedience. I probably had a better time napping on the couch with my good friends Trapper and Shadow. Here we are out for a walk:

Left to right: Shadow, Trapper & me.
(I'm easy to pick out b/c I'm always the smallest - even at the playdates!)

That's not our best angle. I'll leave you with the 3 of us on our favorite spot:

Until next time... Behave puppies! (That's always what I'm being told anyway.)