MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gabe's A Lucky Boy...

Gabe had joined MaPaw with the understanding that it could be a while before he was ready to start his search for a furever home. His foster family welcomed Gabe with open arms and prepared to start the long journey with this gentle young man. Gabe is very slow to trust humans and is wary of quick movements and loud noises. His foster family has shown young Gabe patience and love in the hopes that they will soon gain his trust.

Great news for Gabe ~ his foster family has decided that they can't imagine him not being a member of their pack. We could not be more excited for Gabe!! He could not have found a better home. He loves to run and play with his canine siblings. Each day, Gabe takes a tiny step closer to becoming the dog we all know he can be.

Good luck to Gabe and his family! We look forward to many happy updates...

~ Chloe

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Phoenix is Home!!!!

As you may recall, Phoenix was scheduled to have his eye surgery today. We were all waiting to hear word on how his surgery went. Early this afternoon we got great news ~ Phoenix's surgery was done and he was on his way home! His surgery went well and we are told that he was a model patient.

Here's a photo of Phoenix on his way home from the hospital...

He had plenty of tail wags for his foster parents when they picked him up. He's a sleepy boy, but he's happy to be back in his foster home where he'll receive plenty of TLC as he recovers.

Way to go Phoenix!!!

~ Chloe

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Could It Be????

THE SNOW IS FALLING!!!! I have been patiently waiting all day and it's finally here! I can't wait to see how much is on the ground tomorrow morning when I wake up....

Last night, Princess Chloe told you about Tabatha and Sabrina ~ those 2 senior gals that were going to their forever home today. Unfortunately because of the weather, their trip had to be postponed. I know the gals were looking forward to meeting their new Mum, but everyone's safety is much too important to take a chance. They won't have to wait much longer because their trip has already been rescheduled for Monday.

Also, please keep Phoenix in your thoughts. Tomorrow is his big day and he will be having the eye surgery that his 2 angels have sponsored. Since poor Phoenix has glaucoma, he's been having some discomfort. The doc is going to remove a portion of each of his eyes, which will then be replaced with prosthetics. We are so excited for Phoenix and hope that after tomorrow his eyes won't cause him any more pain. We are sending him lots of sibe vibes and husky kisses. We'll post an update tomorrow as soon as we hear from his foster Mum.

Gotta go play in the snow!!!

~ Chloe

Monday, January 26, 2009

Someone's Going on a Road Trip!!!!

Hello Everyone and Pups ~

I am sooo excited I just can't keep my tail still! First my royal nose smells SNOW is coming soon! Mom says they could be wrong, but I caught her charging up the camera. Anyway... let's all hope!

The BIG news is about two new MaPaw sweeties named Tabatha (10) and Sabrina (9). Miss Tabatha is laid back and calm and Miss Sabrina is a pipsqueak! They joined us MaPaw pups a couple of weeks ago and they are both so very nice, BUT they aren't staying with MaPaw...

Seems Tabatha and Sabrina came to MaPaw to find their forever mom right away. And she is an Angel among the Seniors! We all talk about the lucky ones that Linda has adopted. And Tabatha and Sabrina will join her on Tuesday ~ Lucky Girls!

We wish the girls ~ and Linda ~ sibe vibes for their new life. We will miss them and wish we could have had more time to play, but they have such an exciting life and home waiting for them. We are all doing the happy husky dance!

Drive safely Heather and Justin as you take the girls south to Linda. May you all have a safe journey. We are all hoping and dancing for the snow, but hope it will wait until your travels are complete. Tabatha and Sabrina, you are so lucky! Don't forget to send woo woos with all the news!

Love ~ Chloe

PS ~ everyone knows there are Chloe twins, but only one is the Fairest Princess. Can you tell us apart???? We will keep you guessing as long as we can!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Is the Weekend Over Already???

I can't believe it's Sunday already! Where did the weekend go?

This morning my Mum was horrified to discover a frozen dead mouse laying in the yard. You should have seen the face she made ~ ha ha ha!! Scout and I have been digging in the woods for a few days and I guess now our secret is out ~ we've been digging for little furry mice! Oh well. Enough about me and my goofy bro.....

This weekend was a relatively quiet weekend for MaPaw, which isn't a bad thing. Every pup needs a rest once in a while.

Brandy had some visitors yesterday. She was on her best behavior and I think she made a good impression. Stay tuned to see how things work out for this sassy little redhead.

Today some of MaPaw's foster dogs and their sibe friends got together at Dog Town for a couple of hours of fun and play husky style! We weren't able to make it today, but hopefully someone that was there will share some pics with us...

Here's a great way to start out your week ~ watch this video of Cota. This guy is one cool dude!

~ Chloe

Friday, January 23, 2009

Slow and Steady...

Hello Puppies ~
I thought we'd give you a little update on our 3 pups from Harrisburg. These 3 boys came from an abuse case along with 6 other pups. We brought them into rescue and got them settled in their foster homes. Each foster home understood that these poor boys needed a lot of extra special TLC before they would be ready to find their furever homes.

Gabe was the first to join MaPaw. He arrived at his foster home very skinny and painfully shy to human contact. His foster family has been working with him to gain his trust, but he is still frightened of sudden movements and noises. However, Gabe loves to play with the other pups in his foster home.

Dakota was the next one to join his foster family. Like Gabe, Dakota is frightened of human contact. His foster family is very patient with him and trying their best to gain his trust. He is playing with the dogs in his foster home.

Tundra was the last of the 3 to join MaPaw. He does have an issue with his ears that we are currently treating. Like his brothers, he is hesitant to trust humans but enjoys the company of the other dogs in his foster home.

Gabe, Dakota and Tundra are making improvements every day and we are so proud of them and their foster homes. We know that they will someday be ready to find their furever homes. Until then their days will be filled with encouraging words, gentle kisses and loving pets.

Slow and steady ~ each day with these guys is a blessing.

~ Chloe

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Congrats to Some of Our Friends...

Hello Puppies ~
This weekend, 2 more of our pups found their furever homes!!

Indie first met his new family on Thursday and went back the following day to move in. He is very prepared to be spoiled rotten. Between you and I, he is one handsome fella...

Buddy AKA Sterling also moved in with his new family this past weekend. His new Mom adores him and he settled right in. His new Mom even works with his Foster Mom so we will be getting plenty of updates and photos.

We are so happy for both of our boys. Good luck to them and their new families!

On to another topic ~ SNOW!!! I don't about you guys, but I'd like to know where all of the snow is. I mean it is winter, right? We had a few inches fall this past weekend, but I'd like the kind of snow that I could lose my brother in (he he he)...

Oh well.....

I guess I'll just have to gather my toys and wait for the next snowstorm.

~ Chloe

Friday, January 16, 2009

Phoenix's News

Hello Puppies,

Hope you all have been having fun and keeping your paws warm!

Most of you know our friend Phoenix that came into rescue ~ he is the sweet blind boy that use to live in a junkyard with only feral cats as friends. Well, Phoenix had a very busy day on Wednesday.

When he came into MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue he was sooooo matted his foster mom and dad had to take him to the groomer and he had to be shaved! Then we found some lumps and bumps on him and wanted to have them checked out. The good news is that he is just fine!

Next Phoenix was off for a very special visit with the eye doctor. Everyone was so impressed with our little boy and how well he behaved! The news wasn't everything we had hoped for though, not only does Phoenix have cataracts but glaucoma as well which is causing him discomfort. The good news is Phoenix has two special angels named Alexis and Bob, who have arranged for Phoenix to have surgery. A portion of both eyes needs to be removed to relieve the discomfort and then replaced with prosthetics so they will look more natural. Our heartfelt thanks go out to Alexis and Bob for helping our special boy and to wonderful Dr. Gross at Metropolitan for offering a generous rescue discount.

Now, some people would feel sorry for Phoenix and I have to admit we all hoped he could see again. But Phoenix told me he is just fine and knows he is loved. In fact, he thinks he gets extra attention because he is special! He hopes he will be adopted one day and go to live in his fur-ever home, but he is very, very happy in his foster home and knows he will always have a place where he is loved.

And Phoenix asked me to tell everyone he said FLY EAGLES FLY! Even a blind dog knows a winning team!

Husky Hugs,

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Allow Me to Introduce Myself...

Good evening Puppies ~
I thought that I would start off today by formally introducing myself to you all. My name is Chloe and I'll admit I look strikingly similar to my namesake, Princess Chloe. However, between you and me ~ she's almost a whole year older than me!! As I posted yesterday, I'm an Eagles fan so it's only fitting that I post a pic of myself in my Eagles tee. Oh yeah ~ that goofy looking guy in the other photo is my bro, Scout. He's an Eagles fan as well, but he can be a little shy when it comes to getting his picture taken. Check out those ears ~ I can tell you from experience that they are so much fun to chew on!

Anywho ~ enough about me. I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish our friend, Phoenix, lots of luck with his doctor appointments tomorrow. First, he's going to the vet to have a couple lumps on his belly checked out. Then he'll be making his way to the eye doctor to have those cataracts checked out. Boy does that sound like a full day to me. Hopefully he can talk his foster Mom into a special treat...

Also, we got word today that there is a birthday tomorrow.... Happy 8th Birthday to Yasha and Yuri!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

With Great Sadness

Late last night, we learned of the passing of a MaPaw family member.

Rickee joined MaPaw in 2006 as an overweight senior. His foster family worked with Rickee to get some of the excess weight off of him and help him learn his manners.

A few months later, Rickee and the McKeever family met at the Green Lane Scottish/Irish Festival and Rickee instantly fell in love. Soon after Rickee was adopted by the McKeevers. Rickee was a special boy and the McKeevers gave him the incredible gift of love.

Rickee ~ wear your silver harness proudly and dance among the stars to the Bridge. Candles are lit to help guide your way. Know how many people loved you and please watch over your family from above.

Our condolences to the McKeever family as they mourn. Thank you for giving Rickee such a wonderful and loving home. You are in our thoughts as we grieve with you.

~ Godspeed Rickee ~

More Good News from the Weekend....

Hello Puppies ~
Sorry we didn't post yesterday, but we were too busy celebrating...the Eagles AND the Steelers won yesterday ~ Go PA!!! Truth is I'm an Eagles gal, but MaPaw does have some Steelers fans so I guess we'll celebrate with them too.

Yesterday, Gracie met her new family! Which was perfect timing because just as her foster parents, Heather and Justin, said goodbye to Gracie, they were on their way to pick up their new foster dogs. That's right ~ dogs!! Tabitha and Sabrina are senior sisters that had been residing at the PSCPA until yesterday. Dana sprung them and kept them company until Heather and Justin could pick them up. We'll let them settle in for a few days before we ask them to pose for photos for the MaPaw site though.

Our endless source of energy ~ Miss Cocoa went to meet her furever home and loved her new brother Tucker! Apparently these 2 are a perfect match in size and energy!!

Two adoptions in one weekend is good news for MaPaw since there are always more Huskies waiting to come in. This could be another busy week for MaPaw.......

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Today's Been a Good Day...

We woke up to a wonderful treat this morning ~ there was snow! Glorious snow!

The white stuff didn't stop MaPaw volunteer, Deb, from going to the shelter to spring Tundra. That's right ~ MaPaw has a new guy....

Tundra is a 5 year old male black and white with silly little ears. He is a tad on the shy side and will need some time to get accustomed to human companionship. He loves playing with the other pups in his foster home and is already warming up to his foster Mom.

More good news...

Four of our pups might be going to their forever homes this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed and wish them luck!

Friday, January 09, 2009


Chloe here ~ the fairest princess of them all.....

We are all holding our Siberian breaths cause that man on the TV said we will have snow tomorrow!! I am my window watching Chloe's world and waiting for the first flake. Mom is already making sure plenty of towels and throw rugs are ready. She's pretending to grumble about wet paws, but we saw her smiling and getting out the camera.

Make sure you send photos of you and your pack enjoying the snow. We would love to see them!!


We took a dog-gone break for a while, but our New Year's resolution is to bring back our blog and keep it current with the happenings of MaPaw! Stay tuned for "insider information" such as who is coming in and who has found their furever home and silly sibe secrets we can't wait to share!