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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gabe's A Lucky Boy...

Gabe had joined MaPaw with the understanding that it could be a while before he was ready to start his search for a furever home. His foster family welcomed Gabe with open arms and prepared to start the long journey with this gentle young man. Gabe is very slow to trust humans and is wary of quick movements and loud noises. His foster family has shown young Gabe patience and love in the hopes that they will soon gain his trust.

Great news for Gabe ~ his foster family has decided that they can't imagine him not being a member of their pack. We could not be more excited for Gabe!! He could not have found a better home. He loves to run and play with his canine siblings. Each day, Gabe takes a tiny step closer to becoming the dog we all know he can be.

Good luck to Gabe and his family! We look forward to many happy updates...

~ Chloe


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