MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue

Monday, November 27, 2006

Lazy Weekend

Hi puppies. It's me, Angel, again. My humans had a lazy weekend, which meant we puppies spent most of the time napping. They did take us on a nice long walk each day and we had a good time sniffing things. The humans took me out to the for a photo shoot as well. Since I am a Siberian Husky, I was completely uncooperative. I wanted to sniff the grass and root around in the shrubbery and chase the birds and squirrels. All the same, they got some pretty good pictures.

Lucky and the non-Sibes entertained themselves with some rowdy time in between naps.

I'm getting along with Lucky better these days because he knows not to look at me anymore. I appreciate that he's showing some respect and allow him to be petted by the humans occasionally. Naturally I still insist on hogging most of the attention. I realized after a couple days that the humans prefer if I potty outside every time, not just most of the time. I've decided that I now like to follow the man instead of the woman. He's the primary source of food. When he leaves I get very upset and I have to run around whining and barking. Aside from those little disturbances, I'm getting used to life in the house. I like snuggling on the sofa and digging at my bed to fluff it. I'm still enjoying those growly rolls too.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

While our foster parents celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends, human and canine alike, we, the MaPaw foster dogs, would like to share a list of reasons we are thankful.

We are thankful for...

-escaping various backgrounds that were not healthy for us.

-warm places to sleep and plenty of food and water.

-our very fluffy tails.

-the many people who care about us enough to donate or volunteer.

-humans and canines to love unabashedly.

-our foster parents who love us and keep us safe.

-being able to laugh at ourselves (and others.)

-toys and friends.

-chilly weather.

-the families who will find us, fall in love, and care for us the rest of our lives.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Lost Angel

Hello puppies. My name is Angel and I am a little nervous about making my first post, but Magnum is here beside me to help me if I need it. I used to live in the big city. I'd rather not talk about the people I lived with, so I'll just say that they didn't treat me as well as your humans treat you. I escaped from them, but I didn't have any where to go, so I wondered around on my own finding food where I could. In my travels I crossed the grounds of a church where some people caught me and told me I was an Angel.

People in uniform took me to a place called a shelter. It smelled like hundreds of other dogs, chemicals, and fear. It was horribly noisy and I was put in a metal cage where I wouldn't be able to hunt for my food. The people there gave me food and never hit me, but I was so frightened I couldn't think. Then a strange man and woman came to take me. The last time I let people take me somewhere, I ended up here, so I figured it would only get worse. I put out my legs and fought to stay in my cage where at least I knew what to expect. They are bigger than I am, though, so they got me out and took me outside. I was glad to be outside and away from the smells and noise of the shelter, so I relaxed my tail a little and sniffed the grass. They took me to a car and opened the door. Well, I may be frightened, but who doesn't like a car ride? I jumped in and went with them.

They drove me clear out of the city to a much quieter place. They introduced me to the four dogs who live with them. I wasn't really interested but four is a lot fewer than the hundreds in the shelter. I started thinking maybe I like these people. Well, the best was yet to come. They fed me kibble and rice every day, four times a day! I couldn't believe how much I was getting to eat. My tummy finally felt full. Of course living on the street taught me that you
never know when circumstances will change, so I wolfed down my food and searched for more. One time I was searching the livingroom and thought I was on to something so I growled to let the other dogs know that whatever I found was mine and they better just find their own. Well, you've met Lucky, but I think he's not so bright because when I growled, sending a very clear message, he ran over to me and said, "Do you want to play?" I thought it was a trick and defended my possible food as best I could considering that he's about twice my weight. I didn't even get a scratch, which makes me wonder if he was even trying to hurt me, as I assumed at the time. Anyway, when that happened, the woman jumped up and yelled at both of us. I knew where yelling would lead, so I flinched and grunted preparing myself for the blows, but none came. In fact, after I flinched the woman stopped yelling and started talking softly again. I didn't quite understand, but I liked it, so I decided to stick with her. I follow her everywhere now. Sometimes she waves her arms around and asks, "Could I take a step without tripping over a puppy?" I think it's a rhetorical question.

I like the people so much I sit near them to try to get pets all the time. I tried to sleep in bed with them too, but they don't let me do that. That's okay because there is a soft place to sleep right next to their bed. I like it so much I roll around growling to myself every night when I'm getting comfortable. It's been a while since I've been able to enjoy a good growly-roll. Then I go to sleep hoping I'll wake up to breakfast the next morning.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

An Old Friend

Hello Puppies, it is me, Magnum. I have let Lucky post the past couple times, but I want to tell you all about the care package we sent. Mama and Papa went to visit our former foster sister, Chena, on Sunday. Chena came from a sled dog team in Alaska where she was badly mistreated. She spent almost a year in MaPaw and she lived with me some of that time. Finally, she went to live with a woman who works from home. Chena was terrified of being left alone and she never trusted men, so it was her perfect home. Then we heard she had been finding naughty ways to entertain herself, so we decided to send some toys.

Lucky and Angel checked out all the toys and treats. Angel just came to live with us that day and was excited to join in the activity. I will help her introduce herself in a few days when she is feeling a little less shy.

Okay, I am not so good at spatial relations. How do I get all these toys in this box?

Does anyone else think it is a bad idea for me to use tape? Fur, no thumbs, and tape seem like a bad combination.

Papa helped us wrap it (he has thumbs) but something is missing.

Lucky figured it out and added the finishing touch.

We were feeling pretty proud of ourselves.

We miss you, Chena!

Here Chena was lying on Mama's feet listening to her new mama tell stories about her.

Chena's mama also has thumbs, so she helped Chena open her gift.

Chena checked out the toys we picked.

It was nice to see that Chena is happy in her new home. I hope she likes everything we sent.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Lucky's Wooded Adventure

Hey puppies! It's me, Lucky. Foster Dad and The Lady took us all hiking in the Pocono Mountains on Sunday. What a great time we had! We missed the peak foliage time, but there were still some gorgeous colors to enjoy. Magnum was in charge of carrying the water and snacks. Everyone had a job. My job was looking cute and agreeing to pose for some pictures

Oops! Someone left their chimney out in the woods. That's me sitting next to my foster sister, Ananya the Newfie. My foster brothers, Bailey and Magnum, are sitting on the same broken piece of foundation.

Ananya and Magnum worked hard to pull The Lady up the big hill. It's a good thing for her she has so many working dogs around to help her.

Hurry up, guys, let's see what's ahead!

Whoa! Check out this view! We could see a farm and a stream down in the valley. I bet at night time you could see a lot of stars from up here.

Foster Dad and I raced down the big hill, jumping logs and skipping from rock to rock. Of course The Lady lagged way behind us. I guess there aren't many humans who can keep up with a Siberian Husky.

Okay, I tease The Lady, but she's not so bad. We found that stream that we saw from on top the big hill. We all waded in the pool at the bottom of this water fall and got a cool drink.

We paused for a snack around midday. Bailey and I know how to keep our eyes on the prize. Magnum and Ananya are good puppies, but sometimes they're a little too fluffy-headed.

Is this the same stream or a differnt one? Either way I'm sure there's a squirrel out there who needs a good stare. Magnum's right there to help me keep an eye out for them.

I hope we get more adventures like this one. I will end by gracing you all with a look at my fine fluffy tail.