MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue

Sunday, January 28, 2007

In it for the Long Haul

Hi puppies, Magnum here. Mama wants me to post about Jasper, but he has not been very nice to me so I am pouting and refusing to help. Since I am such a good boy, I have agreed to let Mama post about him. Below is what she says.
This week Jasper has been adjusting to his new family and surroundings. He's a little intimidated by the big dogs here, but he has warmed up to the girls and even plays with Chena out in the yard. Jasper also took a trip to our vet, who verified that he is heart worm positive. Since Jasper is underweight, a mere 37 pounds, we need to help him gain weight before he can begin heart worm treatment. The treatment is hard on the body, so we don't want anything else putting strain on his body. He'll be heart worm free within two months, but then we must continue to nuture him back to health for three or four months before he can undergo surgery to neuter him and close the lid around his missing eye. It looks like this little boy is going to be with us quite a while.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Burning the Midnight Oil

A stray dog wandered up a long, gravel drive in Pittsboro, North Carolina. He heard the sounds of other animals and hoped to find food, companionship, and shelter from the freezing rain. Although he had just one cloudy eye, he could make out the shapes of a garden with dogs, guinea hens, chickens, cats, and goats on the other side of a fence. He pawed to get inside.

The skinny stray had found the home of an italian artist and animal lover, Siglinda. The artist came out of her house with food and a leash, intent on helping the little lost Husky. He was already wagging his tail at the other dogs and did not hesitate to approach Siglinda and take a treat gently from her hand. As she attached the leash, Siglinda noticed a buckle that must have kept the little Husky on a chain at one time. He followed her quietly to a pen where she was able to give him fresh water and food. After that he really wanted to be with her and her dogs, but she was concerned for the safety of her birds and cats. He didn't like being penned, even though there was a warm, dry place to rest in there.

Later that morning, Siglinda took the stray to Dr. Terll at Hill Creek Veterinary Hospital. While waiting for the doctor, Siglinda took a bunch of paper towels and started to dry the little Husky and take away all the clumps of fur he had hanging all over his body. At one point he stopped her and licked all over her hands and face. That day she found out he was heart worm positive and in need of vaccinations and deworming.

At night the dogs and cats gather inside around the wood stove to sleep. Siglinda lined a big crate with a blanket where the little Husky could spend the night without troubling the cats. All the cats understood and immediately found high places to perch while observing the wild creature Siglinda was holding and pushing into the crate. Siglinda could not close her eyes that night in fear for her cats and knew she needed to find another place for this homeless dog to stay. She sent messages with photos to every person and organization she knew that might help a little Husky in need.

A friend found a place to board the little Husky until they could find a better solution. For the next two weeks, Siglinda received an incredible number of e-mails, and it became clear that groups from California to New York were trying to find a home for this little Husky. Then one morning the phone rang and it was Kathryn from MaPaw saying she had a foster home for the little Husky. From the boarding veterinarian, the little Husky stopped at Siglinda's home for a kiss of gratitude and farewell before going quietly with another friend to begin his long journey.

Through the entire day the little Husky rode in different cars, stopping at rest stops along the highway to get a breath of fresh air before going off with someone new. He rode quietly, looking out the windows to see how quickly he was traveling from where he had been to wherever he was going. He rode late into the night meeting new people and loading into new vehicles as snowflakes began tumbling from the darkened sky. Along the way some of the people started calling him Jasper, in memory of Jasmine, another one-eyed Husky who had touched so many hearts.

It was after midnight when Jasper reached his foster home. He was exhausted and anxious when he met his foster siblings, who had climbed out of their warm beds to see who arrived in the middle of the night. After a quick sniff of his new surroundings, he went directly to his new crate and sank into his dreams.

Thank you to the network of transporters and volunteers who made this journey possible. Special thanks to Siglinda, not only for reaching out to a dog in need, but also for her beautiful messages that were paraphrased throughout this post.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Better than Nothin'

We pulled together all our Siberian powers to make it snow for Mama's birthday. Freddie was not focusing as best he could, but we did get a little snow.

I am not a morning puppy, but Mama insisted on taking pictures before sunrise, when the little bit of snow was sure to melt.

Time to go back to sleep.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Hey puppies, Magnum here. Mama and Papa have been doing the foster dog shuffle again. Papa found a new foster family because they use the same groomer as Ananya. This is Cloe, who goes to the groomer to have her ears cleaned and claws clipped. Cloe and her family used to have a big Fila, who they miss very much. They also missed being able to play big dog games, so they thought fostering would be fun. Rocky, Buck, and Chena all went to visit their home. The kids were very excited about welcoming new puppies to their home, and although they were very gentle with Chena, she was a bit frightened by the commotion. Rocky and Buck, on the other paw, thought it was wonderful!
So that was that. Rocky and Buck decided to stay there until they get adopted. Mama and Papa said that for a week we were going to have just Chena before we started fostering a new dog, but you know how it goes.

There was a puppy named Freddie who came all the way from Korea to live with us. If he dug his way here, I must admit it is pretty impressive, but he is always trying to play. Sometimes I just want to sleep on the couch with no one pouncing on my head. I am trying to be the good big brother. Mama said technically we are not fostering Freddie, we are just holding him a week until he can go to his actual foster home. Anyway, her are some pictures, if you are into cute puppy pictures. Whatever. Here he is checking out one of the toys in the yard. Once in a while Mama jumps up saying, "You have to go outside?" and takes him out there. Then she has a party when he pees. Whoop-de-do. He looks like trouble if you ask me, but no one ever does.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Little Wolfie Goes Home

Ace came to us food-aggressive, stinky, filthy, dehydrated, malnourished, and filled with parasites. This poor boy was only six-months-old and had spent most of his young life alone in a shelter with no home to call his own. He was just another disposable dog to the family who dumped him at the shelter.

Ace is one of the lucky ones. His food aggression made him more likely to be euthanized at the shelter, but MaPaw saw past his understandable flaws and took Ace to a foster home for the love, care, and training needed for his recovery. For several weeks Ace did not trust anyone, but he made tremendous progress with his foster family. When he first arrived at his foster home he growled and snapped around food. He ferociously protected his food from both humans and other dogs. Even a small morsel on the floor was a battle ground for him.

Day by day, Ace’s foster family worked patiently with him. After time he learned he did not have to fight for his food because he was now safe. Slowly he learned to forgive and forget his past and enjoy his days with his foster family and furbuddies, running and playing together. Ace blossomed into a loving fuzzbutt who came for treats and took them nicely. He became a typical, fun-loving, mischievous Husky pup who kept us laughing with his stunts. He had the zest for life seen only in a dog who was so close to death and given a second chance. He no longer had those empty, scared, cold eyes. They were now filled with love and sparkle. Ace made a remarkable breakthrough and was ready to be adopted.

Since Ace had a horrible past we knew it would take a special family to understand him and help him continue on the right path. He had made incredible progress and we didn't want him to regress back to his old habits of fighting for food and attention. We patiently waited for the right family as applications came and other Huskies were adopted.

Finally, MaPaw received an application from a family who would love Ace unconditionally. They had three other dogs, including Casey, a former MaPaw Sibe. The family was knowledgeable about the breed and about how to help Ace with his new path in life. Ace met his new family and fell in love at first sight. He played and played with his new furbrothers until he wore them out. He gave his new human Mom & Dad kisses and happily ran through the house looking for toys. We made arrangements for them to adopt Ace.

On the way to their house for his big day, Ace recognized the neighborhood and was so excited he jumped all over the car. Although he always walked nicely on a leash, he pulled to get out of the car and to the front door. He quickly made himself at home finding toys and a nice bone to chew. We completed the paperwork and played for a while before saying our goodbyes. Ace gave a kiss goodbye and was off playing with his new pack, The Fantastic Four!

This ending was a very happy one for a pup who long ago was forgotten and dumped at a shelter where he had no place and no one to call his own. This wonderful pup will no longer be sad and lonely again. He will only know happiness.

God bless you, Ace, our Little Wolfie. We will always love you!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Chena and the Bunnies

beautiful, sweet Chena

Hello Puppies! It's me, Chena. Life certainly hasn't been easy on me, but I'm hanging in there and holding out for a new loving forever home. I've been playing with Ananya, she always was my favorite, and all the other dogs here in my foster home. I may be the smallest, but I'm quick! I like to use Ananya as a spring board when I bound across the yard.

AuntieToday Mommy and The Scary Man took me to visit Grandma and Grandpa. They have a Yellow Lab named Winnie. She's only about a year old, but I guess technically she's my Aunt Winnie. Here she is waiting impatiently for me to get out of the car and join her for some play.

Winnie and I played in the yard a little while. She showed me a nice muddy puddle for digging and shared her toys. She also ran and ran, which is something I really enjoy.Winnie and Chena playing

Then I spotted something that made me forget about Aunt Winnie. Is that what I think it is?snack in the distance?

It is! In fact, there are two! Two bunnies!yummy snacks!

I like bunnies. Can I have the bunnies?


Seriously, let me have the bunnies.

gimme gimmePuppies, I did not get ANY bunnies! I'll remember though, that Aunt Winnie allows bunnies in her yard and I'll be prepared next time.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Adventure of the Unavailable

Hi puppies, it is me, Magnum. I have not written a blog in quite a while, what with the holiday rush and all. Yesterday my siblings and I got a special trip to Evansburg State Park.

Mama and Papa know how hard we work fostering the other Sibes. They also know that the foster dogs get a lot of attention when they have to visit the vet and go to meet and greets and work on training, so sometimes Mama and Papa set aside a special trip just for those of us who are unavailable for adoption so we do not get too stressed.

We decided not to go swimming, even though it is certainly warm enough here, but we did stick our paws in the water.

This is my dramatic pose. We wear bright bandanas so nobody mistakes us for coyotes, bears, or Rottweilers (oops, sorry Bailey, you better just stay close.)

I found some mossy ruins of a stone house. The staircase was still standing. Unfortunately some misguided humans put graffitti on it.

After we agreed to pose for some pictures we met a nice Yellow Lab and his family. They thought I was a Malamute, but Mama said, no he's just a very big Siberian Husky. In their defense, they probably were not close enough to see my crystal blue eyes.

I had a good time playing wolfy in the woods. Check out my wolfy shadow!

I had to stop playing wolfy because bridges are scary. Some of the bridges we crossed were missing boards. Those were extra scary.

Look at this lively green grass. Is it April? No! It is January! This grass should be brown and snow-covered. I tried to enjoy the hike anyway.

Happy New Year!