MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2 Boys Find Their Furever Homes.... 2 More Boys Join MaPaw!!

Good evening Puppers ~
It was another busy weekend for MaPaw and lots of good news!!

Let's see ~ where should I start?

Well, I'll start with Blitz's story. Blitz has been with us for a while now, which kinda surprised all of us since he was such a cool, young pup. Now we know it was just because his perfect home was waiting for him. Saturday morning, Blitz's foster Mom packed up the car and they started their 3 hour journey (along with his foster Mom's friend) to meet his new family.

Blitz was so excited, he couldn't contain himself. In fact, he shredded the quilt that was in his crate!! We are told that this quilt had been on many adoptions...unfortunately, it saw its last adoption. So sorry quilt.....

The long ride was definitely worth it. Blitz met his new sibelings ~ Freddie (a MaPaw alum) and Soco. The 3 of them played and played. Christine and Todd could only hold them still long enough to take this photo before they were off and running again!

Not to worry ~ the other pups in Blitz's foster home didn't have to wait long until they had a new foster sibeling (but more on that later).

About the same time that Blitz was meeting his new family, Ray was also meeting his new family. Ray now has a new Husky sister named Daisy. We are told that Ray is settling in nicely at his furever home.

Once Ray's foster Mom and Dad were sure he was comfortable, they said their goodbyes and jumped in the car. However, they weren't on their way home. No, they were on their way to the shelter to spring a young pup who had been patiently waiting for us to have an available spot open up. Weston was so happy to be out of the shelter. In fact, he didn't even mind the bath. Apparently he's not a big fan of being clean since as soon as he was done, he ran to the nearest patch of dirt to make sure he wasn't too clean.

Click here to learn more about Weston and watch his video!

On Sunday, Blitz's former foster Mom welcomed Kye. Kye had actually been pulled from the shelter a week ago, but had been waiting at a temporary foster home until another foster home opened up (Thanks Deb!). Kye is settling into his foster home and getting along great with the other pups.

Click here to learn more about Kye and watch his video!

We are so happy for Blitz and Ray ~ both of these boys have been very patiently waiting for their turns to be adopted. We can't wait for photos and updates.

Weston and Kye ~ welcome to the MaPaw family. We look forward to getting to know you both better.

~ Chloe

Sunday, June 28, 2009

With a Heavy Heart....

and tears in our eyes, we share some very sad news. MaPaw has lost a family member.

Dunkin had come to MaPaw as a stray. He was such a sweet and gentle soul who loved everyone he met. He made visits to nursing homes and brought a smile to all.

While Dunkin was only with his family for a short time, they gave him a lifetime of love. We know they miss him so much and our thoughts are with them.

Sweet Dunkin ~ wear your silver harness proudly as you dance North of the Rainbow Bridge. You are now free of the pain that held you back.

~ Chloe

Friday, June 26, 2009

Take Your Dog to Work Day

Hello Puppers ~
Did you know that today is Take Your Dog to Work Day? Click here for more info!

Here's a pic of Scout, me, Yukon and Niko hard at work at my Mum's home office. As you can see we are quite busy helping.....

Happy working Pups!!

~ Chloe

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Woo Woo Cota!!!

Good evening Puppers ~

The good news keeps rolling in.....

Cota, our gentle older man that has been with MaPaw for quite some time has officially been adopted! I say officially because his foster family has become his furever family.

Cota just fit in so well with their family ~ it was like he had always been a member of their family. Cota's foster Mom just couldn't bear to think of him having to settle into a new home.

We are so very happy for Cota! He has found a fantastic home to spend his retirement years! Good luck Cota ~ we hope to see photos and updates soon......

~ Chloe

BTW - Cota lives next door to another MaPaw alumni, Tundra.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Congrats to 2 of Our Boys!!

This week, we had the pleasure of seeing 2 of our foster dogs find their furever homes!

Tyco has been with MaPaw for quite a while. When he first joined MaPaw he was heartworm positive and underweight. His foster family took such great care of him and made sure he not only gained his health back, but also his confidence. Alicia had been watching the MaPaw site waiting patiently until the day Tyco was ready to be adopted. After several visits, Tyco decided that he definitely found his furever home! Everyone couldn't be happier for Tyco ~ he's such a great boy!

Halo might hold the record for the shortest time in a MaPaw foster home! This young man only joined us 1 week and 5 days ago. Halo's new family fell in love with him as soon as they saw his photo. How could you not with those beautiful blue eyes?!!

We are so happy for Tyco, Halo and their new families! We can't wait for updates and photos (hint hint...)!

~ Chloe

Sunday, June 14, 2009

We've Got Birthday Boys!!!

I know what you're thinking ~ Chloe why are you posting twice in one day? Well, the answer is simple, my friends.....

I have birthday wishes to send out. Not one, but TWO MaPaw boys celebrated their birthdays yesterday (June 14th). Sorry I didn't post sooner, but I was so excited that it wasn't raining that I spent all day outside in the sunshine. Anywho.......

Happy Birthday to Woo,
Happy Birthday to Woo,
Happy Birthday dear Van and Juno,
Happy Birthday to Woo!!

Our handsome redhead, Van, turned 8 yesterday! Van certainly has been through a lot in the last year. It was just 2 days before his 7th birthday that his owners left him behind at the shelter. Shortly after joining MaPaw, Van was diagnosed with cancer. Van successfully completed treatment and is in remission. Van spent his birthday like he spends every day ~ getting lots of love and attention, with a few special snacks added in for good measure.

Our 2nd birthday boy is Juno. And how did this handsome little devil spend his 2nd birthday? Sharing cake and ice cream with his sibelings, Keno and Zoe, and foster sibeling, Kenya. Of course, Juno had the ice cream first and then it was time for a nap on the porch swing. So so silly.....

Happy Birthday Guys! Hope you both had a great day!!

~ Chloe

June's Newsletter is Now Available

Good evening Puppers ~

The June edition of MaPaw Prints is now available.

Click here to check out what's going on in MaPaw!

Thanks to our great friend, Aleeya, for all of her hard work!

~ Chloe

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Busy Tuesday for MaPaw

We received the call at 12 pm Monday ~ there were 2 Huskies in a Maryland shelter that was way beyond full. They needed an answer by 4 pm ~ that only gave us 4 hours to find foster homes to house the 2 young lads! MaPaw has awesome members and we have been able to pull off rescues in short periods of time before, but this was cutting it close. Not only that... all of our foster homes were full.

We sent out the plea for help and got on the phones, not really sure how it was all going to turn out. By 3 pm, we had our answer.....

We did it!!!! We actually had more than 2 foster homes step forward offering their homes at least temporarily so that we could make sure these boys were safe. Arrangements were made with the shelter to pick them both up on Tuesday.

Our first boy was picked up yesterday morning and transported to Bernie, his new foster Mom (yeah ~ she's also Tex's foster Mom). Here's the handsome devil with Kelly who sprung him from the shelter and drove him all the way to PA!!

The second boy needed to be neutered before he could leave so he couldn't be picked up until late yesterday afternoon. Kelly once again drove to Maryland to pick him up and brought him home. As you can see from the photo, he's having no trouble making himself comfortable....

Since both of the boys were strays, they have no names. Both foster homes are trying to figure out names that suit them perfectly. Check back to find out their names and more about them as we get to know 2 of our newest additions.

I know what you're saying ~ 2 dogs is kinda busy, but not that busy, Chloe. What if I added another pup to the mix? That's right ~ MaPaw picked up another pup from a shelter yesterday! This little lady was a stray found in PA and she needed our help. We had already arranged to spring her yesterday before we even knew about the boys. She's on the small side and so very sweet! The shelter named her Sabrina, which is a cool name but we're not sure if it's the right name for her. Check back to find out what we decide.....

Whew!! I'm tired just writing about all of the crazy goings on of yesterday. I bet all 3 of these pups slept well last night. Once they've settled, we'll take lots of photos and post bios on our site,, as well as here.

To the 3 pups ~ welcome to the MaPaw family!

To Kelly, Bernie, Ma & Pa ~ you guys are beyond AMAZING!!! Thanks for opening your homes and your hearts to these 3 pups!!

Woo Woo and have a great day!

~ Chloe

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Tex and Friends Visit Quakertown

Good evening Puppers ~

On Saturday, Tex and his foster Mom Bernie traveled to Quakertown to attend the Quakertown Pet Fair hosted by Quakertown Veterinary Clinic. Tex and his friends worked really hard to make sure the MaPaw table was perfect. They did such a great job!!

Our table was buzzing with activity. Kenya brought his foster Mom Deb. Van brought his foster Mom Bev. MaPaw friend, Faith, brought her Mom Kathy to spend the day as well. By all reports, they had a great time!!

Here's Tex after they finished putting the table together. His eye seems to be getting better and he is really coming out of his shell.

The weather was beautiful and there were plenty of visitors throughout the day. There was a very special visitor - Miss Cocoa! She looks fantastic! We hear she's been learning lots of new tricks and behaving herself.

Thanks to Quakertown Veterinary Clinic for hosting such a wonderful event. Our pups had a blast!!

Poor Kenya was so tired.....

~ Chloe

Monday, June 01, 2009

Two Gals Find Their Furever Homes

This weekend 2 of our gals found their furever homes.

Renee had been with MaPaw for the past year and was patiently waiting (ok ~ as patiently as Renee can wait..) for her very own furever home. She is an active young lady who celebrated her third birthday in April. This gal can play and play and play some more so she definitely needed a home as active as she is. We think Renee has found her perfect home with Josh!

Woo Woos to Renee!!!

Our 2nd lucky gal to get adopted this weekend is Misty. This 10 years young lady came to us needing TLC and some good nutrition. After years of being kept indoors with no access to the outside world, Misty couldn't wait to start her new life with a new family to call her own. Her foster Mom misses her already, but knows that she will be loved by her new parents.

We are so happy for both of these gals! Good luck ladies in your new homes. Make sure your new parents send us updates. We love pictures too!!!

~ Chloe