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Monday, April 02, 2007

A Gift from the Army

Hi Puppies, Magnum here to say a big Thank Woo! Let me start from the beginning. The other day I went out to sniff and mark the yard as usual when I found this package that certainly is not usually there.
What does this return address say? It is from the Army of Four! How exciting!Mama helped me open it because I am not allowed to use knives. The first thing I found was cardboard, my favorite! I began chewing on it immediately. Mama wrestled it out of my mouth and told me it is a card. What good is a card(board) if I cannot eat it?Mama distracted me by pulling out this bag that said "Sniffies for Magnum" and had four tufts of fur each labeled with names from the Ao4. Cool! Mmmm! This one smelled like such a sweet, lovable, red-headed girl I could just eat it! So I did. Mama wrestled that out of my mouth as well.This is fun. What else is in here? Whoa, a big bag of collars and leashes! I can use these on my foster dogs.Maximus likes the purple ones.
This red one looks just like mine (with the tags) but a lot of them are limited slip collars, which are great for the troublesome Siberians who try to back out of the lead.

Thank Woo so much Ao4!


Blogger Althea said...

Hey Magnum,

That's way cool that you got a package of stuff to help out all those foster huskies out there.

Don't be fooled by those limited slip collars. I can get out of mine if I try hard enough. I even slipped out of a harness one time.

Keep up the good work.


10:52:00 PM  
Blogger The Army of Four said...

Hi Magnum! I'm SO glad you like the bag of sniffies! Could you really smell me? I even didn't mind being brushed because Mom said it was "so the handsome Magnum can meet you"! So I gave up some fluff. :)
I hope everypuppy likes the collars and leashes!
Tons of love,
PS: Those are SUCH great pictures of you!!!!!!

10:54:00 AM  
Blogger PiratesGrrl said...

That care package is too cool and I'm jealous that you got Amber Fluff!!

Thrawn from The Brat Pack

10:25:00 PM  
Blogger MaPaw said...

Althea - You are pretty sneaky. I cannot find my out of a paper bag.

Amber - Aw, shucks, I appreciate you letting your mom brush you just for me. You smell very pretty.

Thrawn - I wish we could have a huge blogging dog party so we could all sniff each other hello.

5:21:00 PM  
Blogger IndyPindy said...

Oh, how cool! You got collars AND sniffies!

Hey, where do your parents order the limited slip collars? My mom wants to try one on me but can't find them anywhere.

5:09:00 PM  

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