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Friday, March 30, 2007

Farewell to Ace

A final farewell to Ace, who introduced the adventures of living with a Siberian to one of MaPaw's volunteers.
May 29, 1992 - March 28, 2007 Ace was our introduction to Siberian Huskies and fully embodied the spirit of the breed. He was goofy, stubborn, and so very smart with a mischievous look in his eye. A counter surfing expert, he also liked to stash stolen food in the sofa cushions and bed pillows for a snack later. No loaf of bread or cupcake was safe.
His age finally caught up with him at age 13, and he lost his hearing and started moving more slowly and less often. He grew from a cute little fuzzy puppy into a beautiful old fart who was loved dearly. Ace was 14-years and 10-months-old when he finally needed to rest.

Free from pain, he can now run again with his sister, Piper, at the
Rainbow Bridge.
Fare Well Ace, we miss you so much.


Blogger kathryn said...

Godspeed, Ace

6:23:00 PM  
Blogger PiratesGrrl said...

Sweet Ace, you will be dearly missed and always remembered. We're sorry for your loss, if there's anything we can do please, please don't hesitate.

The Brat Pack & Mom

10:02:00 PM  
Blogger Foster Dogs said...

Farewell Ace. Godspeed and enjoy the Rainbow Bridge.

Harnessed to Hope Foster Dogs and volunteers

10:16:00 AM  
Blogger Macie-Malechai said...

Boy Ace sure was a gorgeous boy! At least he had somepup waiting for him over the Bridge!
Fairwell Sweet Boy!
Face Licks, M&M

4:07:00 PM  

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