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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Love Story

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hi Puppies, today is a great day to give extra fuzzy hugs to your people and your siblings. Also, claw them and sleep on their heads to fulfill Doodles dream of honoring our leader Queen Meeshka. Today I will post about some people and puppies who recently found love.


A wonderful family who lives in Pittsburgh, PA had some extra love to share and decided to find some puppies who really needed extra love. They knew they were Siberian Husky people, so they called and visited rescues and shelters, trying to find Sibes who were looking for a new family. First, they found Gabi, who was a little frightened by all the new surroundings. The family was gentle and patient with their timid, little girl. They were thrilled to have her, but thought she needed a boisterous sibling to help her be more social, so they continued their search.

Meanwhile a very handsome young Sibe named Cosmos was waiting in his foster home in MaPaw. Cosmos had a very sensitive tummy, so his foster parents tried and tried to find the right food for him so that he would not have an upset tummy. He enjoyed playing with his foster siblings and telling long, woooowoooowoooing tales to his foster family and everyone in his training class. Although he was friendly and playful, other people passed by him without a second glance. One person showed an interest but then met him and, upon seeing his beautiful rust tone, said he was not red enough. Humph! Cosmos had learned excellent manners at class and found a food that agreed with him. All he needed was a family.

The family from Pittsburgh came across Cosmos in their search and wanted to meet him. They drove several hours across the state to introduce Gabi and Cosmos in his foster home. Cosmos could barely contain his excitement and greeted Gabi with many wooowooowooooos. At first she was unsure, but Cosmos' exuberance soon overcame her shyness and she ventured out to meet the new people and puppies. Her family said they had never seen Gabi be so social. Cosmos seemed to know it was his big day and gave hugs to his new family. After Gabi and Cosmos had some play time, they all piled in the car to go home.


Blogger Denise said...

that's my boy! He's having a great time with his new family and telling them all about everything. Gabi is out of her shell and letting him know that she is queen!

9:20:00 AM  
Blogger kathryn.armstrong said...

I love a happy ending!!!

9:55:00 AM  
Blogger The Army of Four said...

YEA! It sounds like Gabi and Cosmos have found such happiness together in their furever home!!! YEA! (Gee... Cosmos is really handsome!!!)

11:05:00 AM  
Blogger Althea said...

What a great story for Valentine's Day.


12:16:00 PM  
Blogger IndyPindy said...

Wow, Cosmos sure is handsome! Mom says since he is red and white and has a sensitive tummy he should have come to live with me! Mom knows alllllll about sensitive tummies now because of my food allergies.

Mom said it's a good thing he didn't come through Harnessed to Hope or she would have been tempted to snatch him!

Happy Valentine's Day!

9:17:00 AM  
Blogger MaPaw said...

Denise, it is hard to give up your first foster, but it feels wonderful when you know you have found a good match. Good work.

Harley, it is a happy beginning!

Amber, you are such a flirt, but
you are right.

Althea, I am a sucker for love stories, especially on Valentine's Day.

Indy, I will tell my mama about your mom's weakness for sensitive red heads. We can plot to get you a new sibling.

10:15:00 AM  
Blogger IndyPindy said...

Hey, check out the warning about a Peanut Butter recall on my blog!

8:06:00 PM  
Blogger Princess Casey said...

Congrats on your new home Cosmos!


9:38:00 AM  
Blogger Denise said...

We've had many happy reports from Cosmos & Gabi in the days since he's gone to live with them. Everyone is getting along just great and Gabi is a whole new girl now that she has a big brother to play with. But she has let him know that she was there first! You go girl!

3:57:00 PM  

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